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jeudi 17 mars 2011

TRUE HISTORY OF ISRAEL - amazing discovery


Shocking Discovery: Who is always behind killing Jews

Zion shall be redeemed through justice

and her penitent through justness - Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 1:27

HaShem provided His Nation with absolutely everything needed, including great deal of miracles, but our arrogance, stupidity and idolatry to functionaries prevent us from seing and using the assets kindly provided to us. This unique work is not an opinion - clear facts, including factual miracles.

• 635-1920, Expected Serene Future: Since first Muslim came to Jerusalem, there was deep understanding and tight cooperation between Jews and Muslims. Probably it's right place to explain to everybody that overwhelming majority of Muslims in Holy Land have always been NON-Arabic, including Muawiyah, Saladin, all Umayyads, Seljuqs, Turks, etc (you can find more details in my other works). Qur'an clearly refers to Torah as a Book of Light - see 5:44. According to Qur'an, Jews are entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven - see 2:55, 2:47, 2:62, 3:33, 5:20. During bloody Crusader's time Jews collected money for Muslims and supplied them with a lot of information regarding Crusader's moves. At that time (till British intervention) Muslims behaved more generously than old Christians. Here is another example of a long-age no-contradiction relation between Jews and Muslims: any Muslim sheikh or mullah will eat Jewish kosher food without a smallest doubt, even today (but he is not allowed to eat meat prepared by Christians, whether you like it or not).

• 1900-s, The Criminal steps in: Both, Arabs and Jews were under Turkish oppression and Arabs clearly know that Palestine is the Jewish land, even according to Qur'an, say 5:20, 5:21 - see below. Therefore all communications between Arabs and Jews regarding Jewish Homeland in Palestine were in a very good shape, no contradiction. But Britain (similarly to its activities during the Crusaders time) blocked this very natural process. Turkey, traditionally having lots of British advisers, also participated in the blockage.

• 1903-08-14 – 1903-08-26: In a continuation of this blockade, British Secretary of State for the Colonies Joseph Chamberlain proposed British Uganda Programme instead of Palestine. All Zionists were against this exile, but they had to consider all the options to save Russian Jews from pogroms, slaughters and massacres. Theodor Herzl made it clear that this British Programme would not affect the ultimate aim of Zionism, but he announced it in Basel. By the way, the place was the Mau plateau in Kenya, not in Uganda.

• 1917-11-02, Balfour Letter: (the word "Declaration" is deceitful). After WW1 (even after 1914-11-09 speech) Britain could not blame Turkey for not-allowing Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine. Arab-Jewish relationship was almost perfect, and Britain decided to jump on top of it. Goebbels learned that behavior from Britain and expressed it in such a way: "If you can't kill some movement, you must take the lead in it!" So Britain proposed itself as a respectable volunteer to prepare a reference letter. Arabs and Jews did not see any problem in that reference and started using it exactly as a reference letter. That's the true story of Balfour Letter.

• 1917 – present time: Britain is presenting this ordinary reference letter as the royal gift to the Jews and as an executive order. All the Jewish professionals stupidly repeat that extremely harmful disinformation. I'll explain to you why it is so harmful for the Jews. Fist read the letter: it has no executive part, nothing but quite an ordinary reference letter with "declaration of sympathy" (yes, that's all what could be corresponded to the word "Declaration"). Despite of these facts and based entirely on the disinformation repeated by the dull Jewish professionals, Anti-Semites use this quite ordinary reference letter as a fake proof of the rape of poor Arabs...

I hope it is understandable now that in order to win it is absolutely necessary to immediately remove this suicidal disinformation from all the Jewish textbooks, from all dull Jewish universities and from all Jewish stupid professional theses (dissertations).

Everybody should understand that Balfour Letter (which is not a declaration even by its form) is just a reference letter, based on the mutual agreement between Jews and Arabs. No place for pitiful stories about dirty rape or unfortunate Arabic kids.

There is no way to save Jerusalem and Israel unless we PROVE in international courts that we are NOT invaders, but the rightful owners of all Palestine!

Precisely this way to save Israel (the people and the property) is written in Torah directly, as the commandement unconditionally obligatory to everyone - see mitzvah # 237: . Unfortunately religious Jewish professionals refuse to learn and to fulfill Torah. Instead they perform idolatry to earthborn functionaries and to their deliriums.

• 1919-01-03: The highest official Arab Delegation freely signed the Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine. It stated that all Palestine belongs to the Jews and that Palestine could not be an Arabian State or an Arabian Kingdom. Arabs signed it with Zionist Jews, and there were no contradiction between Arabs and Zionists because Arabs clearly know that Palestine is 100% Jewish land. Even Qur'an mentioned that 15 times without a smallest doubt - see an example:

Qur'an is clearly stating that ALL Palestine belongs to the Jews
(some secular people don't know that "people lead by Moses"
is the essential definition of the Jews - well, now you know).
The problem is the stupidity of Israeli "strong leaders": Even to the negotiations they go
without any legal assets, without this one, without many other that God supplied us with.

• 1919-01-18 – 1920-01-21: The Arab-Jewish Treaty on Jewish Homeland in Palestine was completely confirmed on the Paris Peace Conference - the essential base foundation in the international law. Despite of this fact Britain keep spreading a lot of rumors allegedly this Treaty is invalid, but I have proved that it is still valid 100%.

• 1919-03-03: The chief of the Arabian delegation wrote: "We Arabs... look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organization to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home".

• 1919-1920: Britain was deeply disconcerted that there is no place for its beloved "Divide and Conquer" doctrine. Febrilely Britain started to create all kinds of tensity. The first Governor of Jerusalem, Sir Ronald Storrs, was daring not even to hide this main British goal. He officially announced it: Jews "will form for England a little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism." The dirty objective was clearly set, and Perfidious Albion (Britain) started planting terrorism all over the Holy Land.

• 1920-03-01: Britain organized Bedouin's rebellion on the border with French Syria. As the direct result of this British action, Joseph Trumpeldor and seven other Jews were killed near by Tel Hai. All the professional textbooks and all the universities are cheating you again - Arabs have nothing to do with this action at all! Arabs were not even involved into terrorism activities yet, but Perfidious Albion does, as always...

• 1920-04-19 San Remo: I have to give you a short lecture with very unique true information because ALL the paid professionals, all their theses, all "recognized by the world professional degrees" are fooled with the forgery, which kills Jewish rights for Jewish land. Following is one of the essential pieces of the truth for which I had to spend many years of "one against the whole world" non-paid scientific research. Britain and France had critical problems with Red Russia. What was even more dangerous, they got too many perilous contradictions between themselves regarding Syria and Mesopotamia. Such critical contradictions had to be resolved without any more delays, so they arranged a conference. San Remo was chosen for its pleasurable April weather. Envoys had only a week total, so actual working time was even less. Therefore only the most critical problems were discussed. Italy and Japan was also invited, but they were very minor players. So Dalmatia was not given to Italy (assigned to Yugoslavia). Therefore Italy had to call itself "mutilated" and gave a lot of screaming, reminding its participation in Entente. So Trento, Trieste, Gorizia, Gradisca, Istria were do given to Italy. Japan got nothing despite of creating as much noise as it could... You got your first impression of what kind if busy place it was. But it's only an introduction - we did not even touch the main points yet. There were no way to escape from making a decision of what to do with Red Russia. After a lot of conversations these Entente members decided to recognize Red Russia de-facto, but to continue the war with Communism using foreign armies, such as Polish army. The most complicated issues were around their deep contradictions regarding Syria and Mesopotamia... They did not even have time to work properly on the Treaty of Sevres, and therefore Turkey rejected it very easily.

Now you start understanding why nobody in San Remo even touched anything regarding Palestine - they had no time for that! Not to say that France had never been interested in Palestine. So they only mentioned it once in a very general form. That's it. There is nothing regarding Mandate for Palestine in San Remo. There are still more than two years till the beginning of the work on the Mandate!

This dirty-filthy forgery about Mandate in San Remo is in use to present Jews as the illegal imperialistic hireling who stole Arabian land. Not only vendible British authors like Paul Johnson are used for that (he got US Presidential Medal of Freedom for such dirty betrayals of Israel); not only lawyers like Howard Grief (author of the book "The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law"), not only "Office for Israeli Constitutional Law", but even Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is widely propagating this killing Israel fraud! See for example page 55 from his book, officially presented to all the world presidents, to all political parties and to all parliaments:

There is no way to win, been legally presented as an imperialistic hireling, occupant and invader! That's why Israel keeps losing everywhere!

At the same time it is one well-known way to steal Jewish money, so all the paid professionals use it and fight with anything that may disturb their stealing. Israel will never win if you did not stop supporting these thieves, traitors and idiots (or they remorse under your strong pressing).

• 1920-s: Britain found the most terrible convicted felon, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni. He was well-known for his passion to slaughter Armenians and Jews. Britain illegally cleaned up his criminal record and decided to put this bloody felon in charge of Muslims in Palestine, whatever it takes.

• 1921: Britain brought this felon to Jerusalem and run a well-paid campaign to make him the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Despite of all the British support this felon completely lost the election - he fall

through to the last fourth place. That time Palestinian Muslims were yet peaceful and they clearly did not want a felon brought from nowhere.

• 1921: Completely against the Muslim's will Britain make this ugly felon the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, setting up the bloody terrorism flow in Palestine. Lately, during WW2, this British henchman organized total and very frightful massacre of Slavs in Europe. For this "heroism" he became a very close personal friend of Adolf Hitler...

• 1922-07-24: Mandate for Palestine is created on the base of the Arab-Jewish Treaty, explained above. It has nothing to do with San Remo imperialistic collusions. So the Jews are the rightful owners of all Palestine without possibilities of any counterclaim. Holy Land got faultless future, but Britain immediately started spreading an extremely heavy disinformation about San Remo. Britain also planted total forgery stating that the Mandate is British. I have proved that the Mandate is not British but Jewish - see

• 1922-08 – present time: None of the Jewish lawyers or other Jewish professionals had enough brainpower and knowledge to uncover this disinformation (or all of them are the most harmful traitors of Israel - the choice is yours). Even today all of the professionals insist on this mortal for the Jews disinformation. Despite of the betrayal of all the professionals, despite of their malevolent confrontation, I was able to made tremendous discovery. I found Mandatory law and I proved that the Mandate for Palestine has always being Jewish, never British - see . Britain is only the agent to voluntarily hold all the responsibilities for establishing Jewish home in all Palestine. No ownership, no revenue, no benefits, no change to Jewish rights or to the Jewish land allowed for Britain.

• 1923-05-25: Britain feloniously stole 76% of Jewish land and gave it to the British spy in Turkish parliament Abdullah bin al-Hussein.

• 1927-03: Winston Churchill stated: "If I were an Italian, I would be a Fascist" - quoted from the Senate speech of Burton K. Wheeler, U.S. Senator from Montana - see "Vital Speeches of the Day", vol. VII, pp.447-448, delivered in the Senate 1941-03-20.

• 1928-09-28: For the holiest day of Yom Kippur Jews placed very traditional lite customary screens (mechitzas) between Jewish men and Jewish women praying by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Jews also brought benches and chairs for their women because it was the whole day pray. The Yom Kippur yielding pray of penitence could not create any trouble for other religions or nations, but British police started beating Jewish women with the benches and chairs they were sitting on. That's how Britain performed the first big pogrom and organised the first big confrontation in Palestine.

• 1928-09-28: Right after this dirty provocation British gave command to their felon henchman, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to start big Anti-Jewish campaign (yes, he was rather quiet for seven years, preparing for this British command).

• 1928: As their own part of that maleficent Anti-Jewish campaign, British issued an edict that the Wailing Wall (the last remaining part of the Jewish Solomon's Temple) is a Muslim property.

• 1929-08-15: During the fasting of Tisha B'Av (day of wailing for the destroyed Temple) Jews had a very peaceful approved meeting by the Wailing Wall. No complication was created by the Jews.

• 1929-08-16: Despite of the no-problem current status, on the very next day British once again organized beating of the Jews and burning of the Torah's scrolls by the Wailing Wall. The British police post, established at that place just 10 days prior, was happy to laugh observing that barbarous vandalism against innocent Jews. No doubt British police got clear command not to interfere with the pogrom.

• 1929-08-16: The number of eye-witnesses was enormous, but British acting High Commissioner Harry Luke announced: "no prayer books had been burnt, but only pages of prayer books". This way Britain gave the green light for all the Anti-Jewish riots, and the main wave of bloody terrorism started.

• 1929-08-17: The following day young Sephardic Jew Abraham Mizrachi was stabbed with a big knife. He died in the throes on the next day. It is very symbolical that British interventionists and their henchmen started massive Jewish massacre from a local Jew who lived all his live in Jerusalem.

• 1929-08-18: The boy's funeral was suppressed by the same force that had been employed in the massacre. The same British acting High Commissioner Harry Luke refuses to end the Anti-Jewish violence in Jerusalem.

• 1929-08-23: In less than a week all the criminals around Jerusalem received that clear British message, and thousands of them streamed to Jerusalem for a biggest pogrom ever. The Jews had to close and barricade their shops since 9:30 AM on that threatening day.

• 1929-08-23: The same British acting High Commissioner Harry Luke called his henchmen Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Nobody knows what they were talking about, but in a result the Mufti leads the mob. He initiated the rumors that two Muslims had been killed by Jews. Muslims started attacking the Jews all over Jerusalem. The violence quickly spread throughout Palestine...

• 1929: Britain allowed 1764 Arabs and only 321 Jews in the British Police. Even so the Jewish policemen were ordered to stay in offices during these pogroms. While a number of Jews were being killed at the Jaffa Gate, British Police have done nothing to stop pogroms.

• 1929-08-24: British henchmen killed 67 Jews in Hebron, and Hebron's Arabs saved 600 Jews. Arabs were so mush indignant of this massacre, so for the next two years none of Jews were killed by Arabs, but Britain continues to kill Jews on regular (for them) daily basis.

• 1929-08-27: By that day many dozens of Jews were killed in Safed, Motza, Kfar Uria, Hebron, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 17 Jews were killed only in the Jerusalem area; 67 Jews were killed in Hebron. Hundreds of Jews were badly wounded...

• 1929, Who are the true Palestinians: 59 football teams were registered in FIFA for Palestine. 11 of them were non-Jewish and none of the non-Jewish teams wanted to be called "Palestinian" because everybody knows - Palestine is 100% Jewish brand. Only Shimon Ratner's all-Jewish team obtained the name "Palestine National Football Team". You'll see more on this throughout this work.

• 1930-10-01: British invaders issued Passfield White Paper, where illegally limited Jewish rights to go to the confirmed by all the nations Jewish land of Palestine. Many other Anti-Jewish illegal rules were established there.

• 1930: As I mentioned above, Arabs were so mush indignant of the Hebron massacre that they started actively protecting Jews, and for the whole year of 1930 not a single Jew was killed by Arabs. Only Britain continues to kill Jews regularly.

• 1931: Similarly, Arabs were so mush indignant of the Hebron massacre that they continue actively protecting Jews, and for the whole year of 1931 not a single Jew was killed by Arabs. Sure, Britain continues to kill Jews...

• 1934-03-14: All-Jewish Zionistic "Palestine National Football Team" arrived at the Continental hotel in Cairo. The official delegation of the Egyptian Football Federation came to warmly welcome Zionistic Palestinian team.

• 1934-03-16: Zionistic "Palestine national football team" played its very first international game in a friendly Egyptian-Sudanese capital Cairo. Arabic national orchestra was happy to play for the "Palestine National Football Team" the indisputable Palestinian national anthem - Jewish essential Zionistic song "HaTikva"! Muslims were 100% sure - only Zionistic anthem may represent Palestinians.

Unfortunately all the Jewish paid professionals, functionaries and politicians are bought over by Britain. Bought over for their "recognized by the world" diplomas and for corresponding huge salaries. None of them had enough brainpower to recognize and to protect essential Jewish legal assets, presented above. Without these key assets no fighter jets allow us to save Jerusalem.

Paid professionals always fight for administrative power and don't have brainpower. Not only they can't find out the truth, not only they don't understand the source of the problems, but they can't understand even already created REAL solution, the REAL cure, that is 100% ready for the victory - see .

Paid professionals only know "paid/non-paid" criteria, oversimplified slogans and permanent fighting for personal power, so called "Jewish Leadership" or "Strong Leader". That has absolutely nothing to do with creating cure for the disease. Therefore doesn't matter what they want or what they promise. Without real cure made by the real scientist, leaders can only lose each and every strategic battle. That's why we keep losing our land, allies, positions in the world, essential legal assets, all the informational wars, our lives - everything...

• 1934-04-06: Jewish Zionistic "Palestine national football team" played its second international game. Egyptian Arabs was their contestant again. Therefore Tel-Aviv was chosen for the return game. Fuad I, the King of Egypt and Sudan, sent a warm salutatory telegram to the players of all-Jewish Zionistic Palestinian team.

As you can see now, hate for the Jews and big Arabian terrorism was not established in the Middle East yet. Anti-Jewish hate was known in the somnambular bloody Europe only. Soon Perfidious Albion will export it from Europe to plant it on the Holy Land.

• 1934-1948: British invaders thrown the rightful owners of the Jewish land into concentration camps, abusively build right on the Jewish land. One of these concentration camps, namely Atlit, is still existed as a museum. You can go there and see that Britain was dared to establish and to operate chain of concentration camps for the Jews in Jewish Palestine. That was done completely illegally, but none of the Jewish lawyers had enough brainpower to discover the legal basis to call Britain into the courts to defend Jews and Jewish rights.

Here is the victorious legal basis: . Famous Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Menahem Begin were licensed lawyers, but they only played Boy Scout war games and violated their direct responsibilities (not to mention that Jabotinsky plaid Masonic and other games in Paris). Now with the discovered mighty weaponry we can save Jerusalem and Israel, but the Jewish paid professionals have no brainpower to support it. Jews only pursue brainless slogans and therefore lose one Jewish city after another.

• 1939: King George VI was very satisfied with the concentration camps for the Jews on the Jewish land. He wrote: "glad to think that steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin". He is talking about Germany and Poland, where Hitler already started his "Final Solution to the Jewish Question". British king knows that in Hitler's public speech on 1939-01-30 (the six year anniversary of his accession to power) Hitler clearly pronounced "the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!".

• 1939-05-22: Britain issued MacDonald White Paper, where illegally limited Jewish rights on Jewish land to a level absolutely unheard-of before. British invaders already started hanging Jews...

• 1919-1939 and further: Britain occupational forces are completely responsible for all the assassinations of the Jews. Britain willingly built the terrorism system and consciously signed a dead sentence to the Jews.

• 1940-1946: Britain bombed ships with Jewish Holocaust survivors - see and my other articles.

• 1942-02-24: 768 Jewish Holocaust survivors, including 103 children, were martyred to death by Britain. These Jews escaped from Hitler on a ship named "Struma". They only wanted to be alive, but British High Commissioner for Palestine Sir Harold Alfred MacMichael personally requested to tow them out of Bosporus back to the Black Sea. They were left to die without food, water and fuel...

• 1947-11-29: British university textbooks (all other textbooks are just a blueprint from these) planted sordid forgery namely "UN decision to create Israel". Corrupted Jewish professionals are cheating you again: UN never made anything good to create Jewish state on Jewish land. UN Resolution 181(II) only partition Jewish land in another illegal attempt to destroy Jewish rights for Jewish land. That's all they have done in a completely illegal way, contradictory even to its own (UN's) Charter. I have to give complete course of lectures regarding what was really done there and what should we do now to recover our essential rights. The problem is the paid Jewish professionals who are doing maximum possible not to let me to uncover the truth about their total betrayal.

• 1948-05-14: Jewish "super-professionals" put so many British perfidies into the Israeli Declaration of Independence, that David Ben-Gurion had to cut the text off, and everybody solemnly signed a completely empty piece of scroll. Lately Ben-Gurion had a big fight for less traitorous text. He won couple of important positions, but unfortunately even he (!) was unable to overcome all the British-poisoned paid professionals. Therefore current Israeli Declaration of Independence is still one of the biggest terrorist bombs, planted under the Jewish state. You can find more in my book or you can schedule my lectures for complete explanation about this matter and what should be done immediately to delouse the foundation of Jewish state.

• 1950: Britain and British Pakistan illegally recognized and pronounced Eastern Jerusalem as a Jordan territory. No other country besides Communistic Russia wanted to participate in such a defamatory activity.

• 1964 – 1967-06-10: Britain realized that even after the loss of approximately 85% of the territory, confirmed by the Arab-Jewish Treaty and by the Jewish Mandate for Palestine; even in the huge obstruction throughout the world, Israeli people still did not give up. Israelite are still ready for peace and for war.

• 1964 – present time: British Secret Intelligence worked very hard, and they found the way to beat Jews to the death. They decided that if Jews are so positive in their intellect, then they will be completely aidless to their stupidity. Britain started new campaign, based entirely on populism and idiotism of Israeli professionals and strong leaders.

Real scientists for ages call it "Palestinian Talmud" because Palestine is 100% Jewish brand known at least since XIV BC. Romans has nothing to do with it - they call our land "Iudaea" only.
Throughout stupid Jewish university professors Britain planted 100% disinformation that despite of well-known Palestinian Talmud, etc, the brand Palestinian is not Jewish. Britain counterfeited a story that brand Palestine was created by Romans in order to disgrace Jews. That is a very primitive rip-off, Romans called our land "Iudaea" and never replaced one local name with another local name, but stupid Jewish professionals and big mouth patriots are extremely happy to keep spreading this mortal Anti-Jewish plague. A lot of Jews were surprised with such a turn, a lot of jokes were made, but not even one Jew had brainpower to realize that the brand Palestine is the most powerful asset, acting in the legal documents - say, there is only Mandate for Palestine, no Mandate for Israel existed.

Therefore it's absolutely irrelevant if nowadays we like Jewish brand "Palestinians" or dislike it. The essential Jewish property is directly assocoated with this brand in all the legal documents. Therefore we should have keep and protected this Jewish brand stronger than any bank or military base, but Jewish lawyers brainlessly rendered to enemies this most powerful legal weapon.

That's how a new nation of phony owners of our land was created and officially recognised not by enemies, but by Israeli paid professionals! This mortal strategic defeat happened exclusively because of the stupidity of Jewish lawyers, professionals and strong leaders (jarheads).

The salvage of Jerusalem and Israel from new "owners" requires immediate withdrawal of the key legal asset "Palestinians" back to the Jews. It is required whether you like it or not! And don't be surprised with your bad feelings - medical procedures are always not pleasant. Here is the recuperation manual: .

• 1990 – present time: Nobody else but Britain runs dozens of phony legal persecutions against Israel. Even "lefty" Tzipi Livni can't now leave Israel because she afraid to get into the British jail. This way Britain paralyzed Israeli Army almost completely.

Silly Israel lawyers surrendered under this main problem. Now the needed legal solution for how to protect our army and our people from British persecutions is created and 100% ready for our complete victory , but disgraceful Israeli lawyers and leaders only trying to defame the Jew who created this REAL way to protect our army, our people and our homeland despite of the betrayal of all these Jewish professionals...

• 2010: Britain announced officially that the Queen is 100% ready to recognize Arab state on the Jewish land...


The decoy in war is a false target, say a wooden fake tank, specifically designed to be mistaken by bomber plane crews to be real. I have to give a complete course of lectures regarding various intellectual decoys used against Jews. Here are just few of the most popular decoys:

We don't have Mandate for Israel. Only Mandate for Palestine existed. Therefore to yield up to the enemy our key legal asset "Palestine" is the worst betrayal ever. Jews, including a lot of Knesset members, must have lost their brain completely supporting such terrible decoys as "Jordan is Palestine".

Many also like to say "I advocate that the hostile Arab population be repatriated to Jordan". That is not just naive childish dream, but an extremely harmful decoy because for such repatriation we will never get an agreement with the King of Jordan, who hates these Arabs.

Only the most evil enemies support such decoys against Israel. That's what "strong leasers" constantly do, because they all are stupid.


It is time to realize that the right leader, as the right doctor, is the one who is able to understand pathogenesis of the diseases and to fight the real sources of diseases. Not the one who is constantly talking about the most visible symptoms, say Arabian terrorist leaders. Propose killing terrorist leaders? Go and kill as many as you could. Keep killing them till you lose all your men. But tell me two things.

1) What's the reason to amputate even the big toe,

if the whole leg is in gangrene?

2) What for have you lost our best men if a part of the gangrene is still there?

You say: "Then kill ALL the enemies, doesn't matter how many hundreds of thousands of our soldiers will die". First send your own kids to die. All of them... Maybe losing everything that you love will stimulate your brain to start thinking who ALL the enemies are. You have to realize that the main enemies are the Foreign Ministers of the European Countries and their somnambulistic Anti-Semitic nations who made the official decision that Jerusalem should be divided and turned into another Arab-Muslim capital.

If you can not kill all these enemies, then you have to shut up the big mouths of all politicians (that's the easiest part - just boycott all of them and all elections). Then start using your brain and learn already created intellectual weaponry not to brush off symptoms (hitmen and other cheap expendables), but to beat up the main enemy who run that bloody show - European Anti-Semites. That’s the only option to crash the backbone of the entire system of terrorism. Learn the manual very diligently: .

Start it immediately, while it's not too late. First learn the true situation and the true history that was stolen from you by the traitorous and vendible paid professionals.

Without understanding of the situation, having no strategy whatsoever, jarheads (strong leaders) propagate the following statement regarding the way to win: "brutal oppression and force". The key point is: try to prove it with the FACTS OF OUR VICTORY, not with any "opinion". And don't mix up crash of an army with the victory. Say, America crashed Iraqi army in a week, and FOR MANY YEARS don't know what to do with such a "victory"... Also don't mix up the victory we need with some tactical deviations.

While you are trying to find AT LEAST one fact to support your words, I'll explain to you the real disposition.

Instead of deep thinking people are listening to big mouth figures, who have oversimplified catchwords, lots of observations, but no understanding whatsoever. They act in a delirium of their minds. That is very visible at least since 1973, but you close your eyes and your mind completely - anything and everything for the idolatry to jarheads (strong leaders).

Here is the adequate picture: In the current situation, when Arabs are no more than cannon fodder in a big bloody game of Europeans, any direct oppression of those cheap expendables not only can not bring us the victory, but ALWAYS creates fatal strategic losses for us. I'll explain to you how we kill ourselves and our country just by following the oppression recommendations that you believe blindly.

Europeans don't care about Arab's lives (definitely less than we do), but as soon as we stick into that oppression shit, Anti-Semites use it against us, and they always smash us completely, because prior to now nobody was able to create any weapon against the REAL enemy.

European Anti-Semites pursue our soldiers and our Knesset members with the court orders and even sue them in criminal courts. Our best generals have to run away from the police like pickpockets. Israeli generals have to run in panic from their battlefields because Jews have never had a brain to realize who the real enemy is. Even after dozens of run away from that main enemy!

As soon as under command of a Strong Leader we start oppressing British cheap expendables (Arabs), the main enemies get an easy option to revoke European and other visas from all Israeli soldiers and citizens. If Europe does this to Israel, then all young people and half of the adults will run away from such a closed ghetto. Israel will be left without army and almost without Jewish citizens. Total collapse, kaput and bloody death of Israel in just a decade... That's the only result available from "Strong Leadership".

So not a strong leader is needed, but understanding of the disease and discovery of the cure. Scientific brain is required, not a jarhead. Don't listen to the propaganda for idiots. We always have more than enough strong leaders. We are in a deep lack of brain.

Never before Israel got a brain to create weaponry against its strategic collapse coming via oppression of that British cheap expendables (Arabs). Never before Jews have a brain at least to realize who the main enemy is. That's why each big forceful pressure put on local Arabs under "Right Jewish Leadership" finally turns into suffering defeat of more and more Jewish land. Always. All paid professionals are cheating. The truth is quite opposite: All Jewish land was lost under Strong Right Jewish Leadership ONLY!

The stronger Right Jewish Leaders push local Arabs, the more frightening for Israel final result we got! Why? Because:

1) The main enemies stay absolutely intact;

2) They have more than enough of those cheap expendables;

3) The axe over the Jews grows with every push.

This way under Strong Jewish Leadership we have lost such primordial Jewish cities as Jericho, Shechem, Beit-Lechem, Hebron... We are losing our only Jerusalem right now, precisely by the Hebron scenario and under the same commander in chief - Netanyahu.

The mighty armament against the main enemy and against the backbone of terrorism system is created and 100% ready for the victory: . The problem is the professionals who can't learn new sciences about complicated systems, even when these sciences are created already. Jews still don't have brain to support the real cure and the only scientist who create intellectual weapon needed for victory. Jews keep screaming old oversimplified slogans that already throw us down into a very deep shit.


We can continue this presentation for a really long time - enormous, titanic amount of research is performed. Tremendous discoveries are achieved, practical solutions created.

At the same time, the courses of the most important totally new adequate sciences about information and about complicated system are even more amazing and bigger. Humanity have never had assess to such a treasure! Only these very powerful sciences can improve brainpower drastically, allowing to perform all these researches, allowing to overcome all the Secret Intelligence Services, allowing to achieve all these results, presented above. And we just scratched the surface of the new achievements, scratched very lately...

Human life is very short, and all the following generations will accuse you in not picking up these extremely powerful new sciences. But I can't rape you, people. So I'm doing my best in explaining the practical solution on the most complicated and the most precious issue: How to save Jerusalem and Israel. Don't screw it up again, as you always do, - we got the very last chance now.

For the victory first we have to beat that Perfidious Albion by proving in the courts that all its acts of aggressions against Holy Land are illegal literally. I created perfectly unbeatable legal platform for that - see . In a big part it is based on the Mandatory law that I was able to discover.

I believe all the honest British citizens will understand that necessity, because it's the only chance to save all the good things they have (see more in my book). My own world outlook was seriously improved from just one phrase that I heard from an old English gentleman in my high school time (on a TV, of course). He said: "Our history taught us not to trust our government just because it is government". Well, it's time for real English gentlemen to apply what they learned from their history.

Jews should have discovered legal platform to sue and to beat up Perfidious Albion long-long time ago. Unfortunately Jews did not have brain for that. But no doubt even today we yet can knock Perfidious Albion down and win - see the manual for the complete victory . It's the only way to protect from massive British persecutions the soldiers who protect Israel, as well as the only way to recover all our legal assets and everything else.

We still can win. The only problem again is the idolatry the Jews perform on these paid professionals who are completely bought over for their "recognized by the world" diplomas and by corresponding to these diplomas huge salaries. Let them eat this money, stolen from the Jewish people. Please just stop believing to the idols who don't even able to know our history, who do nothing but harm, who constantly reiterating all the traitorous British disinformation that kills Israel. Just stop believing into these disgraceful idols and give us a chance to save you and your beloved grandchildren.

As I briefly explained earlier, new very powerful adequate sciences about information and about complicated systems are created. Besides other tremendous achievements, these sciences allow to teach how to detect and uncover all other "Divide and Conquer" (Divide Et Impera) British attacks that are constantly coming. These and many other attacks that Israel can't resist right now will not be dangerous any more as soon as you learn and master these sciences.

Complete courses on how to teach over all these Jewish professionals are prepared. It is possible now to decontaminate their brains, deeply poisoned by British Secret Intelligence Service forgeries. It is possible now to decontaminate and remove all the British forgeries and bombs planted into all university textbooks and into all professional examinational tests.

It is your call now, call of the Jews who want to use the last chance to save Jerusalem and Israel. You pay one of the highest taxes in the world, you pay a lot of charity money for Jewish needs. You have all the rights and all the power to decide how your money should be spent. All other good people who want Justice for the Holy Land can also support our very hard work for the real salvation of Jerusalem.

You have to stop the idolatry on all the functionaries (ironically called professionals) who are not only unable to solve the problems, but don't even understand what is going on in Middle East.

Israeli Defense Minister already announced officially the strategic defeat and surrender: agreement to divide Jerusalem for the creation of another Arab-Muslim capital. And that's just a beginning of total collapse of Israel. All because Jews have no brainpower, but flow of stupid slogans, catchwords and endless amount of constantly screaming and stamping Strong Leaders.

It's time to clearly understand that all of the "professionals" are deeply poisoned from their school time. They were raised on multiple British Secret Intelligence Service forgeries that are mortal for the Jews. Therefore doesn't matter what these "professionals" want, or what they are trying to do - in a result they are killing Jerusalem and Israel anyway. We see it clearly throughout the history. Netanyahu's book is a very understandable example, and I have dozens and dozens of other examples how Israeli patriots kill and sink Israel (been positive that they work for Israel). Please also read my .


Don't believe to all sweet promises endlessly coming from disgraceful politicians. Use your brain, not emotions because even if you like something, it could be the true source of your problems. You may like smoking, but it kills you. You may hate some medication, but it heals you. So to find the real way to the victory in a complicated situation we should be wise, not just go by what we like or dislike.

Unfortunately for us (who pay taxes, not consume them) all the government professionals go by primitive "like/dislike" approach. Therefore they are unable to understand the veritable source of the mortal problems that kills us. Instead of the battle for the truth, paid professionals only know "paid/non-paid" criteria. In a result they got money, but we lose. First we had lost 76% of the Jewish land. Since then, despite of the heroism of the people, we keep losing lives and cities. Since 1973 we have nothing but mortal strategic losses.

Even such primordial Jewish cities as Jericho, Shechem, Beit-Lechem, Hebron are lost. Our only Jerusalem, as well as all Israel, is on a dead road now. Precisely by the Hebron scenario: partition and deprivation; and with the same commander in chief, Netanyahu.

In order to survive we have to fight the disease, not symptoms. Therefore I teach you the epikrisis (the study and the history of the disease), the true enemy, and the cure. Here is the cure in details, short and sufficient: .

It's useless to fight symptoms. We need to outsmart the disease. Immediately! We have our last chance to save Jerusalem and Israel. It is a must to immediately start supporting the REAL solution and the scientist who created all the real solutions as well as the new and very powerful sciences. Only these sciences allowed to uncover the truth presented above, and only deep knowledge in these sciences give us a chance to win.

Read it slowly and learn it deeply - it is not as easy as to scream stupid slogans and to idolatry political shamans with big mouths, tambourines and big sticks. It’s the real cure that requires brainpower.

Stop losing our resources and our best men listening to the brainless Strong Leaders. We are ready to vanquish the disease now! Support the real cure and the real scientist who created all the solutions and the new very powerful sciences. Do it immediately, while we have what to save. It's our very last chance to save Jerusalem and Israel.

Yosef Yakov-Lev (c) based on my book ISBN 1448667615

Direct shortened link to this article:

Hebrew translation is available here:


I'm not a Qur'an advocate. I'm giving you the real way to stop murdering Jews!

Sure, it's good for Muslims as well. So let it be good for them as well. We are good human beings - here is just an example that I saw few minutes ago:

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    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Patrice, you have too mush of British disinformation in your brainwashed jar.
      Please start your education from the book: "Hadriani Relandi Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata" 1714, by Adriaan Reelant (btw he was non-Jewish Dutch s...cholar, cartographer philologist and priest).Afficher la suite
      31 janvier, 20:48 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer I do not start any education from any book. I start my education from my own intuition driven out by meditation and constructive thinking.
      31 janvier, 20:50 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer including irrational destructive flame-soaring thinking
      31 janvier, 20:53 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev So live inside your intuition and don't even try to go into the real life.
      31 janvier, 20:55 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer Oh you are missing things there, I have been gone into real life all along, unfortunately.
      31 janvier, 20:56 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev No, dear. Your "irrational destructive flame-soaring" srazy intuition is missing everything but that "irrational destructive flame-soaring" of yours, as you named it here...
      31 janvier, 20:59 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer you do not make any sense at all? Maybe you are starting to feel my mighty irrationality?
      31 janvier, 21:26 ·
    • Shai Vaknin Thank you for this...
      1 février, 16:14 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Please propagate the real truth and the real solution. Feel free to click at my "Add as Friend" so you will see much more of my researches, and you'll get them first-handed. It is important to know that the Israeli government is constantly ...arranging hundreds of millions of dollars to European (British) PR companies who can do nothing but terrible harm (also bribing the government on our money). See for example: la suite
      1 février, 16:45 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer Not that bad of a video:
      Or what do you think, Yosef? Is it a fake?
      1 février, 17:46 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev I just read the title - enough for me. Should be genuine video. A lot of stutid rabbis are also fooled with British Secrete Intelligence. Britain also gave then huge piece of the diamond business in order to support Jewish Anti-Israeli movements.
      1 février, 18:02 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer You satisfied with this? Well, not my problem anymore (in fact it never was)
      1 février, 18:15 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev With what? With a lot of stupidity around?
      1 février, 18:24 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer No, with your scientific research, respectively with its abstinence.
      1 février, 18:33 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev With the true scientific research presented above I'm pretty happy.
      1 février, 18:39 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer you are happy? lol
      1 février, 18:59 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer hö? funny, I got the last word? This was unexpected!
      3 février, 07:37 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer ‎^_______~
      3 février, 07:37 ·
    • Mardyana Nababan Rita so many things I got from the share that you give my brothers ..
      you opened my eyes and the world about what really happened to israel ..
      3 février, 14:10 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Thanks, Mardyana. Could you please translate this very important work to your language for your people.
      3 février, 15:10 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Mardyana Nababan Rita pasti,,,
      kami mencintai israel...!!!
      3 février, 15:19 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev I mean translate the work "True History of Israel" (above) to your language for your people.
      3 février, 15:26 ·
    • Mardyana Nababan Rita ok,,of course ..
      I definitely will do ..
      3 février, 15:28 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Thank you very much, Mardyana. That would be the real support for Israel.
      3 février, 15:48 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer is still stick to my belief as you do not seam to be able to convince me of your pro-Zion movement: The best for Israel would be to get ride of all Zionists and let Jews, Muslims, Christians and all other humans live there together in coexistence.
      3 février, 20:47 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Mardyana Nababan Rita
      we all have the same dream is to live in peace, I believe that Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and others can live side by side in peace, but what about Islam, you know what is Islam, (Arab, Palestinian) taught? they could not... accept the distinction, saying that outside of Islam are "infidels". I believe that peace in the Middle East can only happen if Muslims, Palestinians and the Arabs want to cooperate and agree with what Israel has to offer. and I hope that the third country will not interfere too much with a view CHANCE, WITH THE "PROPAGANDA"
      I'm just giving my opinion, I love and respect for Human Rights
      I BELIEVE that one day, the world will see that the Palestinians give up on Israel
      Afficher la suite
      4 février, 11:18 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer
      I feel like you are wrong, Rita. Islam is as much a religion of peace as Christianity, Judaism or any other spiritual and/or theistic institution.
      Israelis have no legitimate right to live in Jerusalem, but Palestinians do. I do not know th...e whole story, but I guess they were driven out by god itself out of Jerusalem and said to live spread in the world as a punishment, and they are not allowed to rerun to Jerusalem, not by force. But this is exactly what they are doing right now.Afficher la suite
      5 février, 18:43 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Patrice, now I see why you can't understand any thing, even things that are perfectly visible. You are blindfolded with the assumption that any delirioum "or any other spiritual and/or theistic institution" are the same. No, they are different!
      5 février, 18:55 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev And I will not have time to give you all the ABCDs - learn at least the very basic by yourself...
      5 février, 18:57 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer
      of course these institutions are not the same, else there wouldn't be be war over this shit, right? The only thing they have in common is that they are trying to believe in the same and the only righteous god of this our world.
      Do you get t...hese basics?Afficher la suite
      5 février, 19:07 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Another wrong assumption. First you have to reilize the difference between a church and a religion.
      Second it's very easy to see that "they" are fighting for their personal power, while Jews are fighting for the survival of their kids.
      Sorry,... constantly working on making this (above) totaly new work more understandable, I don't have time to teach you all the well-known ABCDs. Learn at least the very basic by yourself...Afficher la suite
      5 février, 19:50 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer There is no difference between Religion and Church in my language. And Zionist are fighting for their NWO-Agenda, nor for the savety of their kids, I beg you..
      5 février, 22:33 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      You just showed your TOTAL illiteracy.
      1) The fundamental difference between Religion and Church you may learn at least from Martin Luther.
      2) Bunch of traitorous Jews who was bought over for a piece in the Diamond business doesn't mean but their corruption.Afficher la suite
      6 février, 03:23 · · 3 personnesChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer get real and/or die please.
      There is a big difference between Spirituality and Religion/Church, but absolutely none between Religion and Church.
      If I possibly should be wrong please teach me your ABCDs, ok?
      6 février, 08:30 ·
    • Mardyana Nababan Rita was very clear, that you do not know anything about israel and palestine, especially about Islam. Patrice sorry you should be observers only.
      sorry. :)
      6 février, 15:31 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer No need to excuse yourself. Wanna see something interesting? You should be able to understand German though:
      6 février, 15:33 ·
    • Mardyana Nababan Rita you like it or not, we know israel is very important for the world.
      I would love to share about this at another time.
      TQ GBU
      6 février, 15:44 ·
    • Adrian Manteuffel Nice work, thank you Yosef! :)
      7 février, 05:23 ·
    • Haim Mor Elgarisi As an Israeli i'm always amused to see people from Switzerland, U.S., etc arguing about what's it like to be a jew in Israel. And if we have the right to be here or not... Well grow up people, We're all humans, and we all have the right to live anywhere in this world. Too bad people are arguing about which religion is right or wrong instead of wondering if infact having these religions is right or wrong... Twenty first century and people still won't smart up......
      7 février, 13:52 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer I am Christian, but because I love this world and his god I can not believe in the Church or even in Vatican. I also see myself as Judean, but because I believe in no fake gods I can not trust Zionists. I also do not have a problem with Muslim, as they believe in the same god as we do. Every religion believes in the same god, as long as they do not worship idolatrous tin gods. I do not trust Zions to not worship these fake gods. However it is your legitimate right to do so, it is never your right to make war over it.
      8 février, 06:47 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Patrice, you are a very malicious enemy. Just yesterday you insisted that there is no difference betwen church and religion. Now you say quite opposite. You say anything trying to compromise the rights to defend Jewish kids.
      One way or you always come to the same statement - see above for an example.Afficher la suite
      8 février, 06:59 ·
    • Deborah Lurya if you care, make aliyah- I am. Go to Judea Samaria nad build Zion with the true believers!
      8 février, 15:40 · · 2 personnesChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer now I am even a malicious enemy? You are ludicrously, really...
      8 février, 17:42 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Patrice, not now, you have always been... I just have no problem talking to everyone, giving chance to everybody...
      8 février, 18:12 ·
    • Richard Weissman I haven't had time to digest enough of your stuff but I have a question. Doesn't the Koran specify that the nice fluffy stuff that Mohammed wrote about in his earlier days is superseded by the hostile tough stuff that came near the end of his life?
      8 février, 18:20 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Richard, I'm not a Qur'an advocate. I'm giving you the real way to stop murdering Jews!
      Sure, it's good for Muslims as well. So let it be good for them as well. We are good human beings - here is just an example that I saw few minutes ago: h...ttp:// la suite
      8 février, 18:31 · · 2 personnes2 personnes aiment ça.
    • Patrice Rohrer
      So I am your malicious enemy since ever? since the dawn of civilization? or even since the beginning of the time? Interesting.. who are you? maybe then I finally know the answer to the question who I am..

      Be this as it may, I appreciate your... patience and your will to lead this divisive discussion here ♥Afficher la suite
      8 février, 18:34 ·
    • Richard Weissman As I said, I haven't had time to understand what you're saying. I was looking at your timeline note for 1900-s Surah 5 in which the figure caption says "Qur'an clearly stating that ALL Palestine belongs to the Jews. Some very secular people don't know that "People lead by Moses from Egypt" is the essential definition of the Jews. Well, now you know." I'll try not to talk again until I've conducted a reasonably thoroughgoing content analysis of this note.
      8 février, 18:36 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer I should go trough them completely as well.. so far we mainly argued about our views, based on chatting here. I never really had the chance to give you a review of what you wrote up there. Actually I found it quite read worthy at first, but then after the first few comments with you I did not continue reading because I classified it as Zion-Propaganda.
      8 février, 18:47 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Walter Brown Good research Yosef. You are on the right track, as Muslims recognize the OT having them sign it is a great strategy for border resolution.
      10 février, 10:55 ·
    • Helge Eyser Never ever trust a muslim!
      13 février, 06:14 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Thanks, take this video as a token
      You are probably right, but that's not the point of this work. We need to recover the legal assets that God gave to us and we need to start using them imm...ediately. We need to PROVE (not only to proclaim) that the Jews are the rightful owners of all Palestine. We need to know who is the puppeteer of terrorism and we have to overcome that source of the problem. It's the only way to save Jerusalem and Israel.Afficher la suite
      13 février, 06:25 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer ‎@helge, you are a fascist, and most likely a racist too.
      @Yosef, why do you say 'Thanks'?
      13 février, 08:43 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer And why don't you fight for the rights of the rightful owners of America, Africa, Australia ect?
      13 février, 08:45 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      It's 100% my business who to thankee. I don't remember asking you about that. Regarding other countries:
      I have only two hands, 24 hours a day and only my life savings as the resources. Give me more resources - and I'll save the world. I am ...the only scientist who knows the new sciences allowing to creare solutions for the most complicated problems (hard work is also requared).Afficher la suite
      13 février, 08:58 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer aight, milord.
      13 février, 08:59 ·
    • Esthy Kucera Fantastic work! May God Bless You Yosef
      13 février, 21:36 · · 1 personneKarenina Campos aime ça.
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Thanks. Feel free to propagate this work and to click at my "Add as Friend" button. I like to be in touch with good people and you will get full access to my works.
      14 février, 00:30 · · 2 personnes2 personnes aiment ça.
    • Esthy Kucera I ca n't see the add as friend on ur profile
      14 février, 00:49 ·
    • Almaz Kohanziadeh Ben-Adonai
      The Christians and so called Christians have done more to fuck up the world than not. When I was in Nigeria a few years back I met a VERY Old man

      He said to me Almaz the Christian Missionaries are like this
      They come to you land and hand you ...a bible
      They turn off the lights and when they lights come back on. YOU have the bible THEY have the land the resources and the people. Colonisation Slavery Jim Crow Laws Segregation killing of the Natvie Americans putting them on reservations to just die off and Disappear ummmm That was not Muslims doing this it was the LOVELY white folks doing this in the name if Jesus. When I lived in the Arabic Speaking Middle East I was never called a Nigger or a kafir and these people knew full and damn well that I am came from Arabic Speaking Jewish roots. Oh but in America and sometimes israel by my Ill raised Ashkenazi Jewish Brethren Kooshi and nigger is something that I heard sometimes and in American I was called a Nigger Jew MORE than once by people and these were SUCCCHHHH good christians I don't trust

      Fight for the rights of the RIGHTFUL Owners of America Africa what then why don't you tell all the people to leave that ain't happening
      Afficher la suite
      15 février, 04:57 · · 2 personnesChargement...
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev To be the rightful owner doesn't mean "Everybody get the f... out of here". Not at all.
      15 février, 05:13 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Almaz Kohanziadeh Ben-Adonai OH dear I KNOW what it means. But ask a Native THEY think otherwise But I know what it means
      15 février, 05:21 ·
    • Veli Dağlı irrelevant with religions. The people which can see the massacre they shouldn't stop on the road of peace. İ know this. education education education. inadequate humanity
      This is not enough for us.
      17 février, 08:39 ·
    • Veli Dağlı Helge Eyser Never ever trust a muslim! Xd WHat is this? pfui!!! You should come our country you cant know it called Turkei XD
      17 février, 08:41 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Iwan Selamet Simatupang Long Live Zion!
      26 février, 02:15 · · 2 personnesChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer unfortunately, yes ;)
      26 février, 14:09 ·
    • Meaz Umikedem
      Dear And Honest Yosef,

      Thank you very MUCH for your true hard work!!

      Though i believe you were TOO EASY on the Muslims, you pin pointed exactly the root of the hatred + antisemitism.
      We, at Zion, thank you deeply and offer our assistant to you.
      The true "torah" (bible) was given to Jewish people.
      Christians tried to translate it (steal it by my own words) but the results are TERRIBLE !!!!!
      They can't even pronounce the real name of their own JESUS, he heh he heh
      - It's "yeshua" originally and he was BORN JEWISH and DIED JEWISH and the stupid Christians do not even comprehend this fact.
      They hate US while they ARE US!!

      The terrible result of the fake / stealing of our tora is one reason for the hateress coming out of the Christians.
      It's Jealousy
      They are ashamed that they stole the tora, so they want us to no longer exist - exactly like a criminal that wants his eye witness to die...

      We are the chosen people of god.
      god chose us to "deliver light to the GOIM - gentiles" ("OR LAGOIM") and till we learn how to do it (KABALLAH) we thank you for your true support.

      Be blessed and we support you.
      Afficher la suite
      28 février, 09:27 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer You write such fascistic crap and ask yourself why you get hated by Christians and other Believers?
      BTW: I agree with your saying: "Christians (and Muslims) are Jews"
      28 février, 18:42 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Meaz Umikedem, completely different problem is truly relevant. The problem is: religious Jews don't follow direct Torah's commandement.

      Please read Torah's way to save Jerusalem and Israel: la suite
      28 février, 18:50 ·
    • Meaz Umikedem
      Dear Yosef
      I know, You are correct

      Dear Ignorant Patrice - you are a thief and i didn't expect any other comment out of you.
      Are you ashamed that your BIBLE IS STOLEN - is a fake?
      ...Are you ashamed that you can not even pronouns the REAL TRUE NAME OF YOUR so called SON OF GOD, hh he hh he ???

      Jesus your "son of god" was Jewish - so you are to be ashamed of your self for reading and not understanding what you read.
      Do you still call him "JESUS" - though his real true name is YESHUA?

      Yes it me - the Fascist
      You don't even know what fascist is - it's a good thing you know how to use this work when the SHAME is eating you from the inside.
      Afficher la suite
      28 février, 19:14 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer No - I do not believe in the Holly Bible.
      No - Because the real true name of our Son of God can not be pronounced by human tongues. Neither can the name of God. Earthly names and writings are irrelevant.

      You yourself, are you proud?
      28 février, 19:19 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Patrice Rohrer is an enemy, and it's OK till he don't kill anybody and when he don't hide that he is an enemy.

      I even kinda like non-killing honest enemies because I have zero problem to overcome any enemy in any discussion.

      Unlike total idio...ts, Isreali Minister of Propaganda and Isreali Minister of Foreign Affairs, I always win in each and every discussion with our enemies. Therefore I want them to challange me in a big newspapers, on the major TV channels, etc, etc...

      Why should not Israel publicly win everywhere?

      So the real problem is not the honest non-killing enemies, but Israeli stupid "strong leaders" who do everything possible to kill all my options to go public and to beat up all the Israeli enemies (this case everybody will see the stupidity and the disutility of these leaders).

      That's the real problem - Israeli stupid "strong leaders" who can only stamp and steal...
      Afficher la suite
      28 février, 20:14 · · 1 personneMorry Barak aime ça.
    • Patrice Rohrer
      noooo, im not an enemy... we simply do not agree in some points. But tell me, where did you honestly win over me?
      As you see, we agree quite well in terms of British Empire and Israeli leaders (which I myself call strong Zionists, or am I la suite
      28 février, 20:20 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      Common, Patrice. I have only 24 hours a day and no secretaries to type for me, to fax (or to f..k :-)...

      Call me on any major channel and we will start it again. Finally you get agreed in a lot of positions - good for you if you want to unde...rstand something.

      I have no problem to have a beer with you untill you start killing my people. I honestly believe that everybody have the rights not to like cats or Jews, if you do it quietly under your own blanket :-).

      Just also confirm my people's rights not to like you. It's normal for a weak people who don't know what to do. I am different - I like everybody because I have no problem to beat up any enemy.

      Why should I hate him if I can beat him up instead? That's my motto.
      Afficher la suite
      28 février, 20:39 ·
    • Patrice Rohrer
      As I said many times, I do like Jews, as long as they aren't fascistic. I also like all other humans, as long as they aren't fascistic. I also like fascists, in a special matter, difficult to describe.. ^^')
      And to to these points I 'finally...' getta agree: I agreed withem from the beginning, you just never listened...Afficher la suite
      28 février, 20:47 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      I have no reasons to argue (even if your statements are not exactly factual). Have a beer for me and be good. I better teach you some more.

      You know what Talmud teach us? A Jew should not hate his enemy and should not want an enemy to die. E...ven if the enemy die natural way, a Jew should not be happy of it. If the enemy's donkey came to you, you should feed the donkey and give it back to the enemy.

      BUT you should let the enemy to know that if he come to kill you, or your family, or your land, you have direct obligation to kill him first (and you MUST be able to do it). Then the enemy will not even try - and let him live.

      And again: you should not want you enemy to die even the natural way, you should not (see the beginning).

      That's the morality of Torah - big difference from Christian Bible, you like it or not.

      Now you know...
      Afficher la suite
      28 février, 21:19 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Patrice Rohrer I have no problem with the Torah (some more problems with Talmud, though - but I have to say: I haven't read them completely yet, not even the bible, these book just don't have that much value over here)
      28 février, 21:25 ·
    • Meaz Umikedem
      Patrice, You may be surprised that i do have problem with Talmud.
      I truly think that it's a "black point" in Judaism (by my opinion).
      They say it is full with wisdom, But on the other side it might be understood as full of racism.
      BUT know thi...s: It is not an integrated part of the TORAH
      It's additions over additions, commentary over commentary.
      It has brought many troubles to the Jewish people.

      Any way - the religious people who study the Talmud are not the majority of the religious people.
      Afficher la suite
      1 mars, 05:43 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      There is no factual graund to say that Talmud is "full of racism". Shulchan Aruch has some, but it creates much more problems to the Jews than to anybody else.

      For example Shulchan Aruch don't allow a Jew to extinguish fire on Shabbes. It te...ach just to to put wet blankets around... Idiotism! Steinsaltz yeshiva in Moscow was gone this way, and probably there were casualties - the exact info is still classifyed...

      Anyway, if you need the correct address to blame for racism - it's Shulchan Aruch. I have no reason to hide anything. First of all because it's the only way to win completely. And second, as one Russian priest stated on Russian TV: "A lot of old Christian books are full of racism, but nobody can even compare that huge level of racism with a very tiny racism of some old Jewish books"...

      That's the truth.
      Afficher la suite
      1 mars, 06:22 · · 2 personnesChargement...
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev
      I want to quote one of the biggest rabbis Abraham Joshua Heschel: "Racism is satanism, unmitigated evil. You cannot worship God and at the same time look at man as if he were a horse."

      You can learn more about this guy starting from la suite
      1 mars, 07:49 · · 2 personnes2 personnes aiment ça.
    • Patrice Rohrer No Meaz, not suprised at all.
      Yosef, I deeply agree with this quote.
      1 mars, 16:39 ·
    • Meaz Umikedem good for us all - we may have (the world) a chance after all :)
      1 mars, 18:02 ·
    • Meljhune Lee Belen Jr. Toda Yosef for your great research. She kol Am Yisrael Yivasha!!!!! Shalom to all....
      6 mars, 11:12 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Great. Feel free to click at my "Add as Friend" button - I'm glad to see all the good people and you'll get better access to my researches.
      6 mars, 11:26 ·
    • Almino Malaza Jr ‎@Yosef I have not finished reading this it seems a good source, I would like to post it on my wall and share it with my friends if you don't mind?
      11 mars, 07:33 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev I'd love to. Soon I want to inprove the part about the science, so please keep watching.
      11 mars, 07:36 ·
    • Inga Sayhi ok,where can I read it in russian? Its will be easier to understand me what you trying here to say..
      12 mars, 23:25 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Unfortunately I still don't have an option to translate it to Russian. Sorry, I don't know how soon I'll be ably to do that. But you can start from my TV and radio broadcastings. They are in Russian. The good place to start is . You will be forwarded to Israeli "Cannel 7" where some of my broadcastings are available 24x7.
      13 mars, 01:39 ·
    • Inga Sayhi ok.spasibo.
      13 mars, 03:00 ·
    • Karenina Campos thanks Brother Yosef, good research, Long Live Israel, Hassem bless Israel and all people of Israel, Amen
      13 mars, 10:17 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev Thanks. We need to make this essential research available to all people. You are free to participate. We also need more translations, also into your language for your people.
      13 mars, 10:24 ·
    • Karenina Campos Yes Brother, i eager if u could translate to Indonesia language so that i could share to all my friends in here, i could understand what you wrote but maybe many my frds could not understand, and you are great by this, once again thanks, Hassem bless you
      13 mars, 10:27 ·
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev I know nothing Indonesian, but you can cooperate with nice leady: - she needs some help in translation,
      13 mars, 10:30 ·
    • Karenina Campos yes i knew her Brother, i ll tell her about this, thx for share, Hassem Bless you
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    • Dwight Stanley Stewart Good job my friend.
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    • Lisa Phillips hi Yosef:) excellent work, I need this, to show the difference between Israel Jews and the Zionists, and to show the Palestine belongs to the Jewish people not the Arab migrants... thank you also for adding me as your friend ! I will suggest my dear friend David Jeremiah to you, he lives in Malaysia !
      mardi, à 05:50 · · 1 personneChargement...
    • Yosef Yakov-Lev My pleasure, Lisa.
      Soon I'll improve the last part about the sciences, but I can not put too much here - dedicated university cources are requared to teach them.
      mardi, à 06:00 ·
    • Ben Caesar cool story yosef. can't wait for the moshiach to come.
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