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lundi 14 mars 2011

Palestinian murder of young Israeli family

I would like to express my profound sadness about the slaughter of the young Jewish family by the barbarian Palestinians. A baby girl, a 4 years old boy and 11 boy with their parents were killed while sleeping by two heinous murderers from the Palestinian territories. No one of their authority condemned the crime with the appropriate word. Hamas is celebrating.

NO excuse, no tolerance, no surrender in the name of peace. What peace ?

Give away territories of a land that belongs to Jews from 6000 thousand years. Two religions were born from Judaism. Two men. One religion on the name of a rabbi born and died as a Jew and the other illuminated one that was protected in a Jewish temple while he was chased by his own Arab people. What did their people do ? Conquer Jerusalem and exile Jews from 2000 years. A period time colored by crime and massacres against Jews. Enough !!!

More than 50 Arab nations know only dictators, Islamism, terrorism, lapidating of women and tyrannies, chaos that affects our territories. Their laws they want to impose on our soil. Because of oil, pressure is put on Israel to give away its territories. Why ? because Islamic countries don't accept the sovereignty another religion around them and..... jalousie towards Jews. Sorry ABRAHAM and his legitimate son Isaac named Israel is the truth of History. Abraham sent away Ismail his illegitimate son with Agar his mother to Egypt. That is the other reality. There was no share of the Hebrew land. Unfortunately Moses didn't guide Jews to Hollywood land , well they went later.

Christians are killed in Muslim countries for decades, in Egypt, in Iraq, they were massacred in Lebanon and so more in African countries....

Because of oil European countries "sleep with the devil".

Fuck the U.N and their resolutions against Israel.

Hugo Chavez and the totalitarians Latin American dictators proclaimed the Palestinian state. Good luck ! Certainly with no split of Jerusalem and not a step further of Israel land! We can see the result in Gaza.

Hatred , murder, violence characterize the environment of Palestinians. Their commanders as the amazing arab neighbours make their people live with lies under corruption and dictatorship.

Democracy and LOVE characterize Israel.

Soon oil is going to be swallowed by those who owns it. Amen